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Fictitious Business name: is primarily a publishing company; with operations beginning first in 1999. California State licensed (dba), current, and in good standing.

Further site and company information may be available via Internet, at "whois".

This web site and business are maintained by its company president:

c/o Mr. Christopher Jay Fonseca

18169 Rock Path Lane

Fountain Valley, CA 92708


This mailing address is not for your use to solicit money from me. You may use this address to contact me if you are a benefactor; also, if you have interest in doing business or if you have any general business

query. Simple questions are best handled by email. Very important matters should be sent by private courier only, so that you can track mail to ensure my receipt of it.

Your visitation of any page(s) in this site, constitutes your awareness of privacy laws and data collection. My company is not engaged in the collection and sale of its customers' private data.

However, you waive your right to refuse data collections by third party organizations that are not under my watch or purview.


      Note, that no mention has been made with regard to what my contact-note to the White House was. As I have not contacted the White House recently, this "no-reply" note is a mystery to me thus far. Incidences of: (1) "spoofing", (2) falsified ID (using my name and/or company name by 3rd parties for unauthorized purpose), (3) hacking of my email account, (4) submissions of content to web-forms using my name and/or address, (5) and, other violations against my private company, have been too frequent. My company, does NOT indemnify for nor defend any person(s), orgnaization(s), nor company(ies), targetted from or by their independent wrong-doing, and their misrepresentation of me. Nor, does my company (or I) claim any responsibility/liability for any or all misprepresentations made by any 3rd party - who intentionally misrespresent themself(ves) and impoersonate me in order to devise trouble against me or others. No one, (1) falsely claiming to serve on behalf of the aim(s) of my company, or (2) claiming to carry out the direction(s)/command(s) as my "agent" or "employee", does so with my approval or knowledge; I do not (and never have) give(n) my permission, have knowledge of, or give right to be impersonated. The disclosures on this website, specify my business operations and communication policy. If anyone should receive correspondence(s) which represent to be from me and this company, that are suspicious or harmful; or, if you are uncertain as to the authenticity of source, please do inquire by contacting me. Anyone, wishing to represent me in some business purpose, must provide copy of their intention, in written text and with signature. Ask for my permission of authorization first, via email or letter, and never speak on my behalf - especially not to express any disatisfaction of any kind against any other person, company, or organization. If you have received any mail, purporting to be from this company (or me individually), and it contains anything of controversy or threat to you, please inquire of me and forward to me the copy of the correspondence that is in question. I welcome each and all opportunities to disavow.


This web site is a combination of:

1. artistic work portfolio, 2. donation-collection and further emission of resources, 3. products store, 4. journaling, 5. and includes 3 featured (archived) short films produced by:

2 1999 graduates from the ucla School of Theater, Film, Television, and New Media (division of specialty of Film & Television).


Sister site:  is for sale. Questions?

Any purchase of it is brokered by ''. Make your offer regardless of proposed price - all inquiries of acquisition can be directed to:


This company has produced children's books that promote nature conservancy, original audio short story for children, original printed content (such as essays for adults), actively features movie critique and review to paid subscribers,

showcases works of art, and collects donations for-profit as well as for further dispersal to separate legitimate charitable organizations.

Beware of imposters who use my name and my address to communicate with your organization. It has come to my attention that I've been enrolled in organizations that I never prompted enrollment with. It has also come to my attention that where I may have discontinued my endorsement of any particular organization, my name is still used as a supporter (or endorser) of their political cause.

You are advised to contact me either by letter, or by email, to verify my identity - especially if you receive form data at your own website. You are advised to use IP verification on your server; and/or to ask me to verify IP address. If you are a political office, please be certain that you verify questionable messages that claim to have been sent by my company. Especially, if you receive anything that is written which might be less than professional and civil in tone.

The views and opinions expressed by this company, originate from this company... free from influence of bribery. This company expresses views and opinions that are based on premium University-study, my own research, my own experiences, and my own expertise. Under no circumstance, do I or have I appoint other(s) to reproduce and share my views; nor, do I authorize other person or persons to speak on my behalf as if they are/have been appointed by me to do so. Beware of misrepresentations and imposters. This company is not aware of any messengers or solicitors who speak on my behalf. If you wish to verify anything, please take care to contact me directly before you proceed with any false understandings. Also, this company is not yet a "family business". All business partners existing at present, in past, or in future, are beleived to have been referred to me and company - introduced at (or near the date of first contact). I have not appointed any person (nor persons) to serve my company as employee or partner, unless legitimate paperwork has been filed with my attorney by me and evident knowledge of such has been both determined and accepted.  

Further information pertaining to Chris ie. professional resume (with gaps "yes", as this business replaced internships, temp jobs, and prior employment)

can be found by visiting

Another source of personal information and history is available at

And a third resume is retained, but is not used, as the jobs are quite varied and have far too little relevance today - which is not in pursuit of employment arrangements of any kind. is a registered business entity. Its web provides access for individuals and organizations, to other organizations, galleries, information, and the free market. It reports all sales, domestic and off shore, in accordance with applicable US monetary acquisition laws. Donations are received for the specified intent and collection as which they are labeled by donors, according to each specific transaction, acceptable to company. This organization does not fund United States' wars, or any terrorism, with money received in banking account net proceed. By way of taxation of gross proceeds, the US government collects. If you are a donor outside of the United States and you do not wish to use PayPal (rather wire transfer using IBAN & SWIFT BIC) send Email to me for destination details. Otherwise utilize 'PayPal' buttons located in my site's page(s). Or mail check. No agreements will be made to return portions of money to you or a specified recipient (in part or whole) as a precondition of your larger donation. None of your donations may be made, with any misunderstanding, suggestion, or implication that they will be used for any political campaigning or lobbying. This company does not finance campaigns or lobby with your donations, nor does this company serve any currently active politician or branch of government with money. Also, if your intention is to scam me, be aware that I reserve the right to forward exposed scams to law enforcement authorities.

No speaking engagements. All works featured here are for your interpretation and personal exploration. The author does not read books publicly to audience(s), nor does he interpret any or all of the works' meaning - which should be your own study at leisure. Any use of this business mailing address for your own advertising is discouraged. Business cooperation proposal is however encouraged, depending on your approach and proposal contents.






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