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  Script Agents: This page presents to you, un-produced, ready for pre-production, works of motion picture. You have found this page either as a result of my query letter, or by word of mouth.

Public: This page presents to you as well, un-produced, for sale, to read, copy of scripts.

Prospective Agent: In US industry standard format, you can purchase paper copy from me through Email inquiry. If you are an Agent/Agency, please go to and download the E-Book entitled “modifiable version A Dying Affair”. You can find it by searching writer/publisher name: "Chris Jay Fonseca", "Chris Fonseca", or maybe simply "Fonseca".

Public: The two featured scripts in original form (either or both) can be purchased and downloaded using the links you’ll find below on this site.

Prospective Agent: For paper copy, please request via Email note.

Prospective Agent: After your consideration and read, for motion picture theatrical production dealings and licensing to produce interest, please initiate meeting with me to discuss your interest. Contact: (The short form just below is now disabled; however please include the same form answers that you otherwise would.)

Prospective Agent: A southern California based company, is ready to meet and discuss any deals in person with a local professional. I am open to reasonable amounts of editing (though editing has been ongoing for some years already). The former Dean of UCLA Film and TV, has coined the “A Dying Affair” script “hot” after reading of first draft. Since then, it is improved. Your expressed deal interest and negotiated representation terms are humbly awaited. Again, please be aware that the “modifiable version of A Dying Affair” carried on, has a few scene changes... and it is considered to be the most recent working title for you to read.

Public and Agents: Digitally formatted copies are available for your E-Reader device through "". Simply click on the links found on this page below. Again, please realize that those published complete texts are original drafts. Since those, the scripts have undergone some changes. But, these digital versions are similar to the most recent “modifiable version of A Dying Affair”, and maintain very close original structure. In your Email message please, do distinguish yourself as whether you are a potential Agent or a Customer. maintains all up-to-date author rights (except to all illustrations and all cover photos) on some children's books that have had co-production status and licensed distribution extended. Literary ownership certificates are filed & owned. These include: Library of Congress and Writers Guild’s of various countries.

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You may alternately download either or both screenplays from Amazon (as an Ebook) for your Ereader, by simply clicking on the below buttons “click to buy” (next to the movie poster photo).

Public: if you are a consumer (ordering a copy), please consider sharing your impression with me after reading! Also, if you want your copy autographed, be sure to mention that as well in your Email.



"A Dying Affair" is so suitable to the times. For you Agents - Title: "A Dying Affair" Pitch: "Sixth Sense" meets "Traffic". I recommend giving "A Dying Affair" priority over the two scripts featured on this site. Any of the children's products are also suitable for "Disney" type animation development. These stories can be expanded for feature animation. "Meet Bear" is one such example. I would also like to note, that with regard to animation (at least one foreign studio has already expressed desire to be hired to animate). With regard to any type of production (e.g. "A Dying Affair"), another foreign based full-scale studio has expressed interest in production. The agent is yet "at large".

"A Dying Affair" (copyrighted 2005) US Copyright Office

and WG East registered

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picture of front page of manuscript

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The death and after-life of a US senator. Challenged and in gridlock with other legislators in Washington DC, a more punishing foe, the devil, has his way with him after his murder. Blessed by grace, an angel by the same name, "assigned" to help him orchestrate certain events on Earth teaches him the meaning of life. An intriguing, thrilling, and at moments comedic, supernatural drama with dark scenes.





"The Council" (registered 2009) WG West

and US copyrighted 

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picture of front page of manuscript

Download publication, in digital form, to your click to buy

A university graduate becomes involved in a research project that unites an unlikely group of team members together, into highest level government involvement. Their research operations shape the fate of Earth and its relationship with a far away living neighbor that wants to do harm. But, not if a deal is struck in time.


[Other works to follow]


There are 14 autograph copies remaining, for script # one. The first autographed copy of script # one was received by Leslie D. - Los Angeles, CA, USA on 3-10-2010.


There are 14 autographable copies remaining, for # two. The first autographed copy of script # two was received by Christina F.- Fountain Valley, CA, USA on 4-26-2010.

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